I am a professional from Barcelona with over 25 years of experience in the software industry. I have worked at Apple in Northern California as a Senior Software Engineer and I have been a team member since the very beginning of two start-up companies in Silicon Valley. One of these, Powerschool, was acquired by Pearson in 2006. Powerschool is an Internet platform, a pioneer one in the business (a SIS, School Management Systems), serving more than 32 million students, 66 million parents, and 100 million users in over 70 countries around the world.


I have always been very interested in the Software Business as a tool or a way in to unknown worlds. As a consequence this has caused through my career a constant job and project switching. Some of these positions were: CTO for Ovideo Bassat, the company who created and produced the Opening and Closing Ceremonies of the Barcelona Olympics; Director of IT of a Swiss Fiduciary Bank in Basel; Director of IT of a Transportation Engineering Company in Barcelona (ALG), and more recently Director of Innovation at the Parc Tauli Health Corporation (a public hospital covering a population of 400,000).

Representing the Catalan Government at an EU event

In spite of the fact of being a Physicist, most of my career has been focused on Software projects. However, in the beginning, after I graduated at the University of Barcelona I worked for a while as a teacher. Among others, I worked at the University of Barcelona, at the American College of the Institute of North American Studies in Barcelona, and during eight years I worked for Phillips Andover Academy (Andover) as a Math and Programming Languages Teacher. At Andover I first got in touch with the Apple world. In the mid-eighties, thrilled by the awesome revolution brought up by the Macintosh release, I decided to quit my job as a professor and started to create software solutions for a living: first for the Mac, eventually for the Newton, and nowadays for the iPhone and the iPad. Since then I have been involved one way or another with Apple related projects in several IT positions or in different start-up companies. As a Software Engineer I have received formal training around the world in a variety of fields, including several post-graduate university courses IT related, like a Master in Software Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC), at the University of New Hampshire (UNH), or at UC Davis. I was a member of the Boston Computer Society and I have attended many trade shows, conferences, and events around the world related to IT and Innovation.

Phillips Andover Academy Summer Session Catalog 1987


As a freelance I have worked in projects in a wide range of areas. Among the most relevant clients I would mention the following: The Science Museum of Barcelona (Cosmocaixa), Carburos Metalicos, Ajuntament de Barcelona (Barcelona City Council), Generalitat de Catalunya (Catalan Government), COOB92 (Olympic Committee), Fira de Barcelona (The Barcelona Trade Fair Organization), Top Cable, Apple Spain, Amgen, or Ausonia-Aurora. To cite some I remember in particular:

1986 Science Museum of Barcelona. Developed a pioneer piece of software which allowed drawing real time over a visitor's picture grabbed by a video camera.

1987 Scheduling graphical software for the Science Museum of Barcelona, nowadays Cosmocaixa, which worked originally on a Macintosh Plus.

1989 A pioneer system for the Catalan Prison’s System integrating video with a 4D database.

1991 Construmat, Fira de Barcelona. Construmat is the largest International Construction Exhibition in Europe. Developed an information system which integrated dynamically the back-end of the Trade Show having over 3000 exhibitors with a network of interactive kiosks for visitors where they could locate on high-detailed maps created ad-hoc for the Show the precise location of an exhibitors’ booth.

1992 For the first time in the Olympics desktop computers were used broadly in the production of the Ceremonies. As an example, the Athletes Parade was computer simulated. Also several highlights of the choreography by Judy Chabola. For instance, Antoni Miralda, the artist who created the mosaics deployed by the crowds during La Fura dels Baus theme painted his designs on a Macintosh screen using a program developed on purpose for him.

1993-94 Graphical Ticketing System for the Barcelona City Council which allowed the design and edit of the Seating Charts of different theaters holding the venues in Barcelona, including specific geometries like the circular seating chart of the Barcelona Greek Theater.

1999 Eye-tracking software for the Science Museum of Donostia by Kutxa which recorded the sight track of someone looking at a slideshow of pictures.

Miradas al descubierto. Pioneer eye-tracker system in Spain

As Director of Innovation at one of the largest Hospitals in Catalonia, I conducted several e-Health projects funded by Caixa de Sabadell and by Government funds. Among these I would like to highlight the MONSURIN project which I created together with renowned surgeon Dr. Enric Laporte. A software tool was designed able to produce a digital document integrating vital signals information coming out from different monitor devices from different merchants, audio and video, and other parameters involved in the ICU and the OR, which obviously could have a big impact in the creation of a variety of services, like remote ICU management, telemedicine or emergencies. And obviously in training and research as well. A straightforward example of a product derived from the above was the OR Logbook, introduced in 2006 at SMIT (The Society for Medical Innovation and Technology, Pebble Beach, CA ) and also at e-Health, a . This was a ‘black box’ similar to the ones used in aircrafts but designed to record everything that is going on at the operating room, including a driver able to records vital signals coming out of any monitoring device from different merchants. In addition, I worked closely with the Robotics Department at UPC and SENER to develop several projects in the Robotics Applied to Surgery field with Dr Josep Amat and Dr Alicia Casals. Some of these were granted international patents. like the DIT project.

DIT: A tool for laparoscopy surgery which allowed a surgeon to reproduce the motion of his own finger.

Although these days were very thrilling with regard to the nature of the projects, it was sort of disappointing too considering that I had to realize the weight which politics has in my country. I guess that having moved to the US several times and having returned for good to my home town has caused me a sort of a two-way ‘Cultural Shock’ from which I am not certain to have recovered yet! What I can honestly say is that I've had probably enough of my share of Government Agencies! As of today, as a free-lance, I enjoy creating useful iOS solutions in Objective-C and Swift and bringing to the projects I am involved, all of these experiences I was lucky enough to have lived.

Nobel Prize of Medicine Rita Levi-Montalcini being shown the MONSURIN project. It was an unforgetable honor to meet her. She was 97 back then. Her energy and humanity was an example to follow for everyone.

Nowadays, I work as a freelance based in Barcelona. I am also involved as an expert on several programmes in Catalonia such as Fundacio PuntCAT, the mSchools programme from the GSMA or the Start-Up Catalonia Programme from the Catalan Government.