Tag a Spot

Tag a spot is a productivity app that allows to use the iPhone camera as a tool on the field to annotate, document, and organize photos in a structured way in order to facilitate communication of such visual information between users and integration of data into external databases and workflows.

This might be useful in a wide range of situations which might or might not require geo-localization. For example:

A City Council might use tagged photos collected through iPhones by its personnel to identify equipment that requires repairing service or whatever maintenance work through a given route. These tagged photos might be merged using whichever proprietary software they might use to generate digital reports for employees in order to perform the actual maintenance tasks. Searching for your photos Since version 2 Tag a Spot includes the ability to search for your photos by name, tags, or by the date they were taken. In addition photos from a folder might be displayed on a map. Photographers might use Tag a Spot as a tool to document in a parallel database the photos they take on the field. Real State professionals might use it as a portable database of their assets.

Contact us if you need a custom version of Tag a Spot to fit your specific professional needs in areas such as:

  • Professional Photographers
  • Real State
  • Insurance
  • Physicians
  • Workshops
  • Tech writers
  • City Councils
  • Movies

If requested we can also develop a custom backend or help your IT department to adapt Tag a Spot to your current one.