VOKU helps you to make phone calls using a very straightforward interface, useful for instance when you are using the app to interface with your car hands-free system or when you need to pick a contact under bright light conditions. It also helps to organize your contacts and provides an individual notepad for each of your contacts to take notes while talking to someone.

You may assign to each of your contacts dynamically a default phone number to call so that by just tapping over an image representing your contact the call will be placed. Contacts may be imported in batch and not just one at a time. However, you may want to start using VOKU right out of the box just as a mere interface to your Address Book to help accessing and dialing quickly a number using big font size tags.

Contacts might be classified in Groups, which are color tagged, to help identifying your contacts quickly by color. You can call a contact just by tapping over its image or photo. Once you have imported all of your contacts or just the ones you wish to integrate with VOKU you decide which number is the default one to dial when using the above ‘car mode’ dialing system. In addition you could override the contact‘s name by assigning a separate tag which will appear as a label over the photo.

When you call a contact, automatically a notepad shows up with a date and time label for the call so that you could easily take notes associated with the call or perhaps to review notes related to previous calls for such contact. These notes are kept separate from your Address Book ones.

You add a Contact using VOKU using the same interface as your Contacts app one. When you add a contact, automatically it will be stored in your Address Book as well. You can check and edit a contact in your Address Book from the VOKU interface but of course you might have modified that information from some other app. This is why there is a ‘Refresh Contacts’ option on the main menu.

Contacts are always sorted by Default Name which you assign to each of your contacts dynamically. However when you are displaying them as a list you might choose to change the order as ‘Last, First’ or ‘First Last’ for quicker look up. As a matter of fact you might search for a contact through a query by name and also by a ‘contains’ query on a string in any of your contact’s notes, which might be very useful.

VOKU allows you display a QR image describing a contact’s info as a vCard 3.0, for easy sharing with others. Besides, you can export one or more cards by e-Mail as a vCard attachment. In addition, VOKU uses the iPhone camera to import a vCard file as a QR as well.